Inception game on the way?

Christopher Nolan wants it to happen.

A videogame adaptation of Inception the recent headache-inducing masterpiece from The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan could be on the way.

Speaking to Variety about the possibility of future sequels and spin-offs, Nolan said, "One thing we are looking at doing is developing a videogame based on the world of the film, which has all kinds of ideas that you can't fit into a feature film."

It could be a while off though. "That's something we've been talking about and are looking at doing long-term, in a couple of years," he added.

In the event that you haven't seen it, Inception follows a team of thieves who implant themselves in people's dreams in order to steal their secrets.

Videogame references intentional or otherwise - come thick and fast, from Ellen Page's 'level designer', to a mountain set-piece highly reminiscent of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's Cliffhanger stage, and a bit where Mario gets to the end of the film and the princess is in another castle.

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