Alien Breed 2 spawns this week

Weaver long list of improvements.

The Alien Breed revival continues this Wednesday with the release of Alien Breed 2: Assault on Steam and Xbox Live Arcade.

No price is mentioned, but Alien Breed Evolution (the first game) cost 800 Microsoft Points. Alien Breed Impact - an improved version of the first game - was released on PC in June for 12.99, and on PS3 earlier this month for 11.99.

Assault, the second game of the Alien Breed reincarnation, introduces a wave-based Survivor mode to the broody isometric shooter. Best done with a friend in co-op, the press release reckons.

On top of that, there are new weapons, new aliens and new set pieces.

Alien Breed Evolution was a "sympathetic" reinterpretation of an old classic with "strong production values and focused design". But, added the Eurogamer review, "flawed" co-op and "a lack of variety" stopped the game hitting the highest scores.

Ripleys of excitement.

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