The Last Guardian out "late 2011"

For those confused by "holiday 2011".

We thought this was obvious, but for those of you who wondered what "holiday 2011" meant in relation to enchanting PlayStation 3 exclusive The Last Guardian's release date (and we know some of you did), it's "late 2011", Sony confirmed to Eurogamer.

Unfortunately Sony was unable to elaborate further on the release of what many consider to be the PS3's most exciting upcoming exclusive.

The Last Guardian, from Team ICO chief Fumito Ueda, was expanded upon at the Tokyo Game Show this week.

Sony released a new trailer and a raft of screenshots, and Ueda was on hand to demonstrate the game to press.

Eurogamer's Ellie Gibson attended one such presentation, and reported back with words worthy of a cateagle.

The Last Guardian has been in development for centuries, but Ueda insisted things are hotting up.

"It's the end of the trial and error phase of production and it's time for to go into full production - crunch mode," Ueda confirmed during a question and answer session.

The Last Guardian reveal trailer

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