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Dawn of War III, UFC 3, Guillermo del Toro and more.

Eurogamer: Moving on from Warhammer to UFC, I was listening to your recent financial call, and found it interesting to see sales of the last game weren't as good as the original. THQ's mentioned it may not do a UFC game every year. Can you clarify that?

Danny Bilson: The mission on UFC 3, the next game, is to make everybody who's ever bought the first or second game, have to buy the third one. We don't believe it's a churn it out game every 12 months. We just don't.

It's a very deep simulation game. I can tell you some of the things we're addressing in the next game. One of them is ease of play. It'll still be awesome for the hardest core, but it's going to have an adaptive AI system that ramps the newbie into the game in a really good way.

Whatever your skill level is, you'll be able to have a great time with it. We're addressing every single thing we could think we would want out of a UFC game, and taking the time and spending the money to make the most awesome UFC experience in UFC 3.

That means it will not be one year out. It's more between 15 to 20 months till we ship it again. We'll announce a date I'm sure when it's convenient for those people who announce dates. I know when it's coming out and I know what's going on with it.

It's going to have way more robust online features. It's going to have lots more both for the casual fan and the hardcore fan. The game is really hard for the casual fan like me. We're going to go way beyond tutorial into a very experiential training system that's fun and competitive as you do that

Also we're going to be having the virtual UFC, as I call it. The complete online experience of competitions and leaderboards and rewards and things like that.

As soon as day one sales came in, personally I was like, okay, what do we need to do here? Even though the second game was a huge improvement over the first game and it really was it was limited consumer dollars these days and a brilliant game hitting the market at the same time in Red Dead, people can't buy three games in a trip to the shop. It's going to be one.

We're going to make UFC 3 an absolute must-have for anybody who's ever thought about liking UFC. That's the mission. We're investing in that. There is a humongous feature set coming into this, and a lot of not just core features and sim stuff and better combat, there are a lot more fun entertainment features.

Some are more of the things you get when you see it on TV. Brining everything up and really robust, in the same way a Madden has so much going on in it.

The mission is, anybody who's ever bought it has to buy the third one if you like UFC. That takes time, money, engineering, skill and careful thought. So churning it out is not the plan for UFC. The best fighting game in the world is the plan for UFC.

UFC 2010 trailer.

Eurogamer: Will it be released in 2011?

Danny Bilson: It won't be in May of next year, no. It won't be on a one year cycle at all. It's more closer to 20 months.

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