Sony gamescom 2010 conference Finished

Sony's gamescom 2010 conference is over. Euro-boss Andrew House stepped on stage to unveil two new PlayStation 3 SKUs with bigger hard-drives and two new titles from Insomniac Games. All that and more besides.

Eurogamer covered the event live. Our blow by blow account can be found below, with the earliest entries presented first.

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  • jrockey 7 years ago

    @FladgeMangle I'm ++ing you just for the phrase "all bag and no cat"
  • FladgeMangle 7 years ago

    Are you negging me because you don't believe it's true or you don't want it to be true?

    Ho hum. Anyway. You ain't seen me, right?
  • FladgeMangle 7 years ago

    I see Sony is waiting for the full leak to ruin their announcement of the Playstation phone.

    The specs have already been accurately reported elsewhere, now it's just a matter of time before the photos hit the net. After that it'll be a case of all bag and no cat.
  • smelly 7 years ago

    Maybe the ps3 needs a molyneux game? EG writes love letters to him at least once a week!
  • jefranklin18 7 years ago

    Hmm, PS3 games scoring more on Metacritic than Xbox ones? EG's skewing can't be working too well ;)
  • TwitchyMcTwitch 7 years ago

  • patchbox360 7 years ago

    better coverage
  • NotSoSlim 7 years ago


    Sony have said Last Guardian will be at TGS. Its a Jap based game so no shocks there
  • abot 7 years ago

    At least there was one cool announcement during their conference - Resistance 3 but still no word about The Last Guardian :(

    I hope there is some announcement at TGS next month.
  • NotSoSlim 7 years ago

    Harry Potter shown with Kinect. Sony show VT4 and Dead Space 2 for Move...easy to tell where each company is focusing on for the near future
  • HokutoNoKen 7 years ago

    Mass Effect 2 coming to PS3:
    / Ken
  • Osahi 7 years ago

    Damn. The sheer funiness of this feed makes up for the lack of live stream video.

    Nothing to spectacular content wise though. But Ratchet All 4 one sparks interest and that Infamous trailer was nice (they're already on the PS blog)
  • NotSoSlim 7 years ago

    Like the 3 year dev time now so Resistence 3 may not be rushed like number 2!!
  • FogHeart 7 years ago

    Re: Resistance 3

    One day, I will be playing an FPS where I can shoot monsters in the face. In 3D. From the couch. Without twin sticking.

    This is how Charlie felt when he found the golden ticket.

  • makeamazing 7 years ago

    Yeah i was reading over at ign, where some people were slating the conference saying it wasnt as big/good as E3.... this is kinda the problem with all these shows now, they have to have something at each show, otherwise some gamers get mad... sad world :(

    Though some of the predictions do make for great reading though...
  • abot 7 years ago

    Yes Resistance 3 !!!!
  • NotSoSlim 7 years ago

    For a low key event that was a great conference!! Hopefully more GT5 news incoming like a demo, as well as editor and wether
  • NotSoSlim 7 years ago


    There you go!!

    I so want to watch this live :(
  • sfp_noodle 7 years ago

    Was kinda hoping for a Resistance 3 announcement :(

    Edit - Yay thay announced it! :D:D:D:D:D
  • Bibbo 7 years ago

    Not too keen on the big 3D push. I'm one of those few that can't enjoy 3D. :(

    Another Virtua Tennis is ace though.
  • NotSoSlim 7 years ago

    New Insomniac game...great!! Love the love they still have for Sony and longer devs times so better quality
  • EugenesLair 7 years ago

    Yay new Ratchet & Clank
  • frunk 7 years ago

    "[3D] nails the gonzo insanity of our games."

  • jonbwfc 7 years ago

    Are you going to be able to keep your 3D glasses on when jumping about playing Move VT4? Or are you going to get some kind of Edgar Davids style wrap around 3D goggles?
  • spamdangled 7 years ago

    tom seems like a nice guy, but he could have a little bit more research in advance. there are many "did we know that already?"

    Yes, because he can read minds and knows exactly what they are going to discuss in advance.
  • RevanNL 7 years ago

    Well, that Motorstorm dude should stop talking out of his ass. F1 teams like McLaren and Red Bull have racing simulators, but they're all 2D.
  • ziggy_played_guitar 7 years ago

    No I can't, I don't have the glasses now.
  • NotSoSlim 7 years ago

    3d is really going to be the the main focus next gen you can tell
  • DavidBoring 7 years ago

    tom seems like a nice guy, but he could have a little bit more research in advance. there are many "did we know that already?"
  • Widge 7 years ago

    3D Move Virtua Tennis? I could go for that.
  • NotSoSlim 7 years ago

    Virtua Tennis 4 ftw
  • frunk 7 years ago

  • jonbwfc 7 years ago

    might make me give MAG another go...
  • ziggy_played_guitar 7 years ago

    Tight game? Aight... yo.
  • frunk 7 years ago

    Sweet - MAG Move Compatible... may get me to buy it
  • spamdangled 7 years ago

    Boom! RPG to the face

    I fucking wish someone would shoot an RPG at Linkin Park.
  • spamdangled 7 years ago

  • spamdangled 7 years ago

    Greg Goodrich, executive producer of MOH, is on stage. His beard is epic.

    Did he unlock it when he reached level 50?
  • sfp_noodle 7 years ago


    That jokes a bit old now. It's been old since E3 2010.
  • Machetazo 7 years ago

    /sets alarm for "news about PS3 comic reader"
  • spamdangled 7 years ago

    Gran Turismo 5 due out on 3rd November

  • NotSoSlim 7 years ago

    Woo hoo 3rd of November for GT5
  • NotSoSlim 7 years ago


    You know what i meant :o)
  • NotSoSlim 7 years ago

    ITV player coming, just 4OD left now
  • MyPointIs 7 years ago

    Better stream here, with text and pictures
  • NotSoSlim 7 years ago

  • MightyMouse 7 years ago

    Live chat? Is this Play TV chat roulette?
  • Lee_Morris 7 years ago

    PlayTV 2 has to have HD or there is no point
  • jonbwfc 7 years ago

    We don't want Facebook connected TV you idiots, we want Freeview HD!
  • sfp_noodle 7 years ago

    "new models of PS3 with larger disks."

    I just spat my corn flakes out misreading that as 'PS3 with larger dicks'

    Sorry guys!
  • spamdangled 7 years ago

    Oh look, theyre spending some time to do some cockwaving with microsoft.

    PS - I wish metacritic would die.
  • spamdangled 7 years ago

    bratwurst bitte

    Anyone else now got the voice of the dude from Little Britain saying "bitty!" in their heads?
  • spamdangled 7 years ago

    This will be fun, short and informative with a focus on how PlayStation is performing in Europe, apparently.

    And..... CUE PIE CHARTS!
  • Seehuusen 7 years ago

    @argentlupine that'll be microsoft back at E3
  • JediMasterMalik 7 years ago

    Stop talking about food and drink, I'm trying to fast here!!

    /jihad on eurogamer

    Edit - Nice shout out on Passion Pit, all is forgiven.
  • Super_Zee 7 years ago

    Jagerschnitzel! Mmm.
  • spamdangled 7 years ago

    I wish they'd hurry up and start... Im missing valuable Starcraft 2 time.
  • rotmm 7 years ago

    @darkmorgado, "Maybe Kaz has turned up just so he can shout RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDGE RACERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR at the audience again."

    Hahaha lolololol roofle lmao - That joke never gets old :D :D :D :D

    Oh, wait, yes it does. Got old back in 2006.
  • spamdangled 7 years ago

    @Gaiduku there's no way they'd announce a home console at gamescom. E3 yes, not gamescom and not at a low-key press conference. PSP2 on the other hand...
  • spamdangled 7 years ago

    Maybe Kaz has turned up just so he can shout RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDGE RACERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR at the audience again.
  • Gaiduku 7 years ago

    If they announce a PS4 i'm gonna get seriously pissed off. I've only had a ps3 for a few weeks!
  • 52pickup 7 years ago

    If head honcho Kaz Hirai is there then either a price drop announcement or new hardware announcement.
  • pinebear 7 years ago

    "Silver-haired games industry legends David Reeves and John Riccitiello are in attendance. Expect some EA presence judging by what the PR just said to us [the Medal of Honor live demonstration mentioned in EA's press conference earlier -Ed]"

    If the Ed's doing the liveblog, then who's Edding the Ed?
    Enquiring minds, etc...
  • ziggy_played_guitar 7 years ago

    "A Journalist should never let his personal feelings towards a subject be known. "

    I respectfully disagree. Nevertheless a release date is mundane news. Even if it's LBP2 or Halo. Maybe if it was Duke Nukem Forever, maybe.
  • wizlon 7 years ago

    My prediction, more games shown using Move including MoH, NFS and a football game.
  • frunk 7 years ago

    He does seem to be having issues - so grab the top one here:
  • spamdangled 7 years ago

    They're piping in Michael Jackson?

    Hmmm.... Singstar: Michael Jackson anyone?
  • Zelf1 7 years ago

    That mobile link seems to work fairly well mate, nice one.
  • Arwin 7 years ago

    Ah, you ARE there. :) Awesome.
  • Seehuusen 7 years ago

    Post live video stream if you find one guys, couldnt see one on Gamespot nor Gametrailers
  • frunk 7 years ago

    Found a mobiule phone delivered one...
  • frunk 7 years ago

    ^^ Germany, Cologne.... and yes they are but being pretty low key.
  • sfp_noodle 7 years ago


    Yes, the date is confirmed. My point is that I cannot see EG ever describing a potential release date announcement for a game such as Halo or Gears of War as mundane. I'm actually quite looking forward to a release date for LBP2. As are a lot of other people. How is that mundane news in any way? It's not like EG have already reviewed the game and think its pants and have therefore made that comment out of resentment.

    A Journalist should never let his personal feelings towards a subject be known. It's part of being a professional.
  • Xardan 7 years ago

    What is gamescon? and is Microsoft and Nintendo there?
  • frunk 7 years ago

    Anyone doing a live video stream?
  • ziggy_played_guitar 7 years ago

    Halo is coming on the 14th of September, no need to be shocked.
  • Zelf1 7 years ago

    Plenty of news on GT5 and 3D stuff would be fine for me, and maybe updates to the ps3 interface would be good like 4OD and other on demand services.
  • sfp_noodle 7 years ago

    "More mundane news, although nonetheless welcome, should cover a European release date for LittleBigPlanet 2"

    You wouldn't say it was a mundane news if it was a release date for a Halo or Gears of War would you EG? I'm not starting a flame war by any means, but that's shocking journalism.
  • dllord 7 years ago

    I'm looking for Move and 3D news mainly! Couldn't care less about PSP
  • jag10 7 years ago
  • 52pickup 7 years ago

    Didn't EA say they were at the Sony conference too?
  • Milk 7 years ago

    I'm really hoping for some GT5 news!
  • xandoodle 7 years ago

    PSP store for android and iPhone, perhaps?

    Wishful thinking more like...

Our live coverage has now ended. Here's what you missed: Updating...

17:45 By Robert Purchese

Eurogamer Editor Tom Bramwell is our man on the ground. He's not inside yet.

17:54 By Robert Purchese

Hello! We have braved rain, broken 3G internet dongles and countless new business models but we are in and ready for Sony's gamescom press conference.

17:54 By Robert Purchese

We're sat on benches and plastic chairs among all sorts of weird neon lights and exposed brickwork. There aren't many seats. Some people look unimpressed by this.

17:56 By Robert Purchese

Nothing has happened yet. A big screen in front of us says "SCEE Exclusive Preview Event" and has people jumping around being lifestyle on it. Chirpy music has escaped from the eighties and joined us to ramp up the funk.

18:05 By Robert Purchese

Silver-haired games industry legends David Reeves and John Riccitiello are in attendance. Expect some EA presence judging by what the PR just said to us [the Medal of Honor live demonstration mentioned in EA's press conference earlier -Ed]

18:06 By Robert Purchese

"Gotta be startin' something," sings Jacko. You'd hope.

18:14 By Robert Purchese

Still nothing. Lots of people standing around drinking wine and laughing. It's possible we're accidentally live-texting a wedding.

18:15 By Robert Purchese

Riccitiello is in front row. Silverness: extreme. He's whistling to try to get someone's attention - it's Kaz Hirai! Drama before our very eyes.

18:16 By Robert Purchese

They've been joined by a blonde woman. Now they're all talking. This is riveting.

18:18 By Robert Purchese

[Eurogamer news editor Wesley Yin-Poole captures the scene on camera: -Ed]

18:17 By Robert Purchese

Kaz is holding a plastic cup. We cannot confirm its contents. More as this develops.

18:19 By Robert Purchese

Wes speculates that they're discussing PS4. Perhaps they're debating whether Sony plans to have a press conference at its press conference.

18:20 By Robert Purchese

Kaz drink update: apple juice. We'll try to collect the cup and give it away on the podcast [the new episode of which is out today -Ed].

18:22 By Robert Purchese

Riccitiello's gesticulating.

18:24 By Robert Purchese

Kaz is laughing. John's watch keeps blinding me with reflections. Still no sign of the show starting.

18:26 By Robert Purchese

Oh come on you numpties, I haven't had anything to eat all day and I want a jagerschnitzel.

18:27 By Robert Purchese

START! Passion Pit over LittleBigPlanet 2 video. Gran Turismo 5. Killzone 3. God of War PSP. Hustle Kings.

18:28 By Robert Purchese

PAC-Man, Invizimals, Dead Nation. Love this song. Snippets of SingStar online videos. Patapon 3. Sly Trilogy. EyePet.

18:29 By Robert Purchese

The Move edition of EyePet, that is. MotorStorm Apocalypse. Buzz Music. SOCOM...

18:29 By Robert Purchese

Music drops and Andrew House is in the house! He's sorry he's late.

18:30 By Robert Purchese

He says he tried to get Kevin Butler over but now he's too famous.

18:31 By Robert Purchese

This will be fun, short and informative with a focus on how PlayStation is performing in Europe, apparently.

18:31 By Robert Purchese

But mostly he wants to focus on games and give us free bratwurst bitte.

18:32 By Robert Purchese

Last year's gamescom conference was "pivotal", he says, pointing us back to the announcement of the PS3 Slim. "That was the instant PS3 sprang to life."

18:32 By Robert Purchese

It's continued to this day, he says. Never mind what the competition does, the momentum is "firmly in our favour".

18:32 By Robert Purchese

Global PS3 sales are now over 38 million, with 16 million of those in Europe.

18:34 By Robert Purchese

PS3 software sales are up 38 per cent against the prevailing conditions. He's citing Metacritic scores: PS3 average is 80 per cent compared to the Xbox 360 average of 77 per cent, he says.

18:35 By Robert Purchese

Now he's talking LittleBigPlanet. This November Sony launches the sequel. You can create levels but also games. We're going to watch a video.

18:35 By Robert Purchese

More Passion Pit. You can never have enough. Ellie Goulding next, please.

18:36 By Robert Purchese

It's a lot of footage of Sackboy doing fun things. Mostly running and jumping around colourful environments.

18:37 By Robert Purchese

You can customise the music, cinematics, etc. and share the results. "Create big drama in a little universe."

18:37 By Robert Purchese

House says PS3 will "maintain leadership" with two new models of PS3 with larger disks.

18:42 By Robert Purchese

From 15th September you can get a bundle of 320GB PS3, Move kit for EUR 349. EUR 299 will get you a 160GB console - gradually replacing the existing unit.

18:39 By Robert Purchese

PlayTV Live Chat is due soon, too. This is what we've known as PlayTV 2.

18:39 By Robert Purchese

This upgrade brings "community functionality". You can discuss stuff with people watching the same things.

18:40 By Robert Purchese

You can also recommend programmes on Facebook, find like-minded people and more.

18:40 By Robert Purchese

Film service MUBI is coming as well. This will be free to download and stream classic, indie and international cinema.

18:41 By Robert Purchese

Quality is the key to the MUBI library, says House. Also has community features and a social network, director bios, trailers. "A never ending film festival." Available in 18 countries from October.

18:42 By Robert Purchese

We're seeing film footage from classic films that I am too culturally immature to recognise. No sign of Deep Blue Sea, the film Jaws 2 wishes it was.

18:44 By Robert Purchese

House is now talking PSN and how it's relevant to a broad audience. ModNation community has created 1 million pieces of content. PSN has a 70 per cent connection rate.

18:45 By Robert Purchese

Catch-up TV - eg. BBC iPlayer - has been useful, too. ITV will be coming soon.

18:45 By Robert Purchese

These won't be the last channels either, he says. He also listed some for Spain, Australia and elsewhere.

18:47 By Robert Purchese

Now he's seguing into PSP. Strong future, yo. Sold 9.9 million units last year. Global sales include 20 million in Sony Europe regions alone.

18:47 By Robert Purchese

He's even mentioning PS2! Sales of over 146 million worldwide, and projecting 6 million this year alone. "Plenty of life in the old dog yet." Yes he said that.

18:48 By Robert Purchese

Gran Turismo 5 due out on 3rd November. A flutter of applause. A woop!

18:48 By Robert Purchese

inFamous 2 is on the way as well, and House is bigging it up by showing us a video.

18:48 By Robert Purchese

Music update: House of the Rising Sun. Might do this at karaoke later.

18:49 By Robert Purchese

Nice video. The camera pans slowly through frozen scenes of violence.

18:50 By Robert Purchese

Now it unpauses and we see Cole McGrath being electric again.

18:50 By Robert Purchese

Time for Medal of Honor, says Housey.

18:51 By Robert Purchese

Greg Goodrich, executive producer of MOH, is on stage. His beard is epic.

18:52 By Robert Purchese

We're goig to see a demo of a level called Gunfighters. Mike Somebody from Linkin Park is going to play through it, bizarrely [Or not, given the debut of their single over a MOH trailer, TOM -Ed]

18:52 By Robert Purchese

They've done a song for it apparently. Mike doesn't look stoned at all.

18:53 By Robert Purchese

He's co-piloting a chopper over sprawling mountainous terrain. He's spamming a convoy with macine-gun fire.

18:54 By Robert Purchese

It's just like watching WikiLeaks!

18:54 By Robert Purchese

He's circling a camp, shooting RPG-toting guys next to mud buildings.

18:55 By Robert Purchese

The radio chatter is pretty immersive. He's firing 'mashies' and carving holes in walls with them.

18:56 By Robert Purchese

Boom! RPG to the face! Mission failed. Applause. "It's a tight game," says Mike. Thanks Mike.

18:57 By Robert Purchese

House is back and wants to talk about Move. He's going over pricing again. "Very accessible for all gamers."

18:57 By Robert Purchese

It's unique because it enhances all sorts of genres, reckons House - from Heavy Rain to Killzone 3.

18:58 By Robert Purchese

MAG is getting Move functionality, too, apparently. Not sure we knew that.

18:59 By Robert Purchese

The music has taken a real downturn. I am boycotting the soundtrack and singing In Between Days to myself instead.

18:59 By Robert Purchese

Echochrome 2 looks quite interesting with Move.

18:59 By Robert Purchese

Sorcery still looks like a lawsuit.

19:00 By Robert Purchese

Virtua Tennis 4, eh? It's in the Move reel.

19:01 By Robert Purchese

House draws attention to it. It will also have 3D functionality on top of Move controls.

19:01 By Robert Purchese

We're now going to see Killzone 3 multiplayer.

19:01 By Robert Purchese

A man is stabbed. A gun is turreted. A mech is piloted. A pack is jetted.

19:02 By Robert Purchese

Not much detail there but hopefully we'll hear more at the show tomorrow.

19:03 By Robert Purchese

House says Sony is committed to being at the forefront of the 3D revolution: "something that will be even more apparent in the next 12 months".

19:04 By Robert Purchese

3D glasses time. "It's like taking a time trip back to a '50s cinema." I probably wouldn't have said that.

19:04 By Robert Purchese

Music sounds like Julian Casablancas. Showing a game called Tumble that looks Jenga-like.

19:05 By Robert Purchese

Mortal Kombat is a bit freakish in 3D. Virtua Tennis quite effective.

19:06 By Robert Purchese

Lots of applause for all that. It's a long-term initiative for Sony, says House.

19:07 By Robert Purchese

Evolution Studios guys are here to talk MotorStorm Apocalypse. They appear to be 3D.

19:08 By Robert Purchese

Matt Southern is nooooorthern, and he says 3D is going to change gaming forever! "Literally a new dimension."

19:08 By Robert Purchese

Judging speed, distance to corners and the feeling of progress is much greater, he adds.

19:09 By Robert Purchese

"It's such a natural next step for racing games, which is why most of the world's top racing drivers are trained on the latest 3D simulators."

19:10 By Robert Purchese

"[3D] nails the gonzo insanity of our games."

19:11 By Robert Purchese

Du wurdest first. Not third place then. Game's out in spring.

19:12 By Robert Purchese

Andrew House has one more guest: it's Ted Price from Insomniac.

19:13 By Robert Purchese

Ted says he still loves Sony even though they're going multi-format with EA. They've also lengthened development cycles to three years.

19:14 By Robert Purchese

The new game is by their North Carolina studio and being presented by a man called Chad.

19:15 By Robert Purchese

It's a new Ratchet game called Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. [It's a four-player online and same screen drop-in, drop-out co-op game coming to PS3 in Fall 2011, according to Insomniac's Twitter -Ed]

19:15 By Robert Purchese

It's multiplayer co-op. Ratchet and Clank are joined by Captain Qwark and Dr Nefarious. Ratchet & Clank: All Four One.

19:16 By Robert Purchese

Play side-to-side or online. Isometric presentation. You can throw friends over gaps.

19:16 By Robert Purchese

Running, jumping, blasting, collecting bolts... There are collaborative weapons like an electric tether.

19:17 By Robert Purchese

The four climb on a gun that fires them across the sky onto a distant platform. Where they shoot guys. There's a constant banter between the characters.

19:18 By Robert Purchese

Still has things like the slingshot, but now you can sling four people daisychained together.

19:19 By Robert Purchese

The guys divide and conquer a group of big old robots and then a huge one bursts in through a nearby glass panel, so they team up to take him down.

19:20 By Robert Purchese

Bits fall off the - dare I say it - crab-like robot as they nail him repeatedly [not sure you can say that either -Ed].

19:20 By Robert Purchese

Hurrah he's dead. And the demo's over.

19:20 By Robert Purchese

One more thing, says Ted...

19:21 By Robert Purchese

Trailer of a train and a man running for it. Sepia ahoy. Looks olden.

19:21 By Robert Purchese

["Oh, you wanted Resistance? Well why not two games? We are also incredibly excited to (finally) announce Resistance 3. Coming to PS3 in 2011!" from the Insomniac Twitter -Ed]

19:22 By Robert Purchese

People on the train look despondent and filthy. Aliens on the horizon. Must be Resistance 3...

19:22 By Robert Purchese

Good music on this. Blood on a railroad crossing. Ruined towns. Sirens. Darkness.

19:23 By Robert Purchese

They're coming. Boom boom alien boom!

19:24 By Robert Purchese

Resistance 3. No date. House is back.

19:25 By Robert Purchese

There are "a few more we've yet to share" for this year, apparently, but for now that's it. Thanks Housey! And thank you, Eurogamers. We're out. To Passion Pit!