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"Alan Wake is a bit of a dick... And yes, that is definitely intentional."

Eurogamer: What was the game's most successful feature?

Mikko Rautalahti: Being the writer, we set out to tell a story and we did a pretty good job with it. It's a mature story - not necessarily in terms of the boobies and blood you might see. We set out to do a story that doesn't treat the gamer as an idiot, but rather as a mature adult. We succeeded with that pretty well.

Oskari Häkkinen: The combat was something unique that hasn't been seen before. Also the environment; we captured this idyllic small town well.

Mikko and Sam Lake [lead writer] spent a lot of time thinking about the characters. Chewing it out and making characters that felt realistic and authentic to the environment, from the way they were dressed to the way they were talking, the dialogue, everything - that contributed to whole package.

Eurogamer: What aspects of the game were you least satisfied with?

Oskari Häkkinen: There's always room for improvement. We were polishing right up until the very end.

90 per cent of the team, if you would give them more time they would take another year or another two years polishing until the end.

Mikko Rautalahti: Which in our case might be overkill.

Oskari Häkkinen: There's nothing that's a thorn in our side, that we're like, 'Damn, we didn't put that in,' or 'We should have put this in.'

Mikko Rautalahti: I thought of a bunch of new jokes when I was playing through again, but that was when I knew I couldn't put in any more. I'm not sure that counts.

Eurogamer: Maybe you can put them into something for the future.

Oskari Häkkinen: Hopefully not. I've heard the jokes.

Mikko Rautalahti: They're good jokes! I might have put a couple of them in The Signal, with Barry and Wake.

Eurogamer: Will a PC version of Alan Wake ever be released? Is it impossible now?

Oskari Häkkinen: I could never say it's impossible, but it's certainly not on the cards at the moment.

Eurogamer: Why?

Oskari Häkkinen: The size of our team and how long it would take us to develop the PC version. It's not a simple process. It's not something you can do in a month or two months. It takes time to do it right.

We want the Remedy brand to be a seal of quality. Doing a half-assed PC version wouldn't be an option for us. Rather, if we do it, we'll do it properly.

It takes development time. It takes resources. At this time it's not on the cards.

Eurogamer: Has Microsoft been in touch about doing a sequel?

Oskari Häkkinen: For both our publisher Microsoft and for Remedy, we're still in a launch phase. The game just came out. We are still monitoring the main game.

We're working hard on the DLC. We just put out the first DLC, The Signal, and The Writer is coming up. We're working full steam ahead here. We're a team of around about 50 people. We've still got plenty to do.

Being in this launch phase at the moment, we haven't had a chance to get out to Redmond, Microsoft Game Studios, and discuss anything further of how we move on. But I don't see any reason why we wouldn't continue with Microsoft with a full-blown sequel for Alan Wake.

We definitely want to do it. We have great ideas for it. I can see Mikko here twiddling his thumbs with his ideas for Alan Wake 2.

There's certainly a want, and that want is I believe from both sides. Right now I can't confirm anything.

Eurogamer: Would Alan Wake 2 have to be an Xbox exclusive or could you go multiplatform?

Oskari Häkkinen: With Microsoft Game Studios it's Xbox exclusive, or it's Xbox and PC version.

Please don't put that Alan Wake 2 is going to come out on PC, because that might not be true. Either is a possibility.

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