Red Dead anti-griefing patch released

Redemption for law abiders.

Rockstar has trotted out a patch to tackle griefing in Red Dead Redemption multiplayer.

While in Free Roam, anyone that achieves a kill streak of six or more will now become a Public Enemy and be stamped with a $1000 bounty. And if you're killed three times within 80 seconds of respawning, you'll be given the option to spawn at another location on the map.

Alongside those inventive counter-measures are a handful of general fixes.

Shoulder buttons can be swapped around, games can be saved with cheats activated and you can now have two horses - one to ride and one on follow. Also, thankfully, sliding doors no longer attach to the heads of bandana wearers, and drunken stupors are no longer accidentally permanent.

Further v1.03 details can be found on the Rockstar website.

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