Yakuza sequel confirmed

Full length movie on the way too

Sega has confirmed a sequel to Ryu ga Gotoku, known as Yakuza in the West, by launching a big ol' website.

With the first game due for release in Europe on September 15th , the sequel is preparing to intimidate Japanese retailers this December.

The 18-rated crime sim could prove there's life in the old PS2 dog yet, and if sales are decent enough in Europe, there's no reason why the sequel shouldn't make it to our shores next year.

Meanwhile, a full-length movie based on the game is currently in the works, directed by sick puppy Takashi Miike - who's best known for the likes of Ichi The Killer, although resident Japanophile Rob (whom Tom claims nearly got him killed in a yakuza-run bar in Tokyo last year) points out that Miike has also made everything from period drama (Sabu) to horror flicks (One Missed Call), so there's no telling what he'll turn out this time.

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