Everton FC fans in a flap about new Angry Birds sponsor


By Robert Purchese. Published 20 September 2017

Everton football club fans are not best pleased about the hideous new Angry Birds logo on their players' sleeves.

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Nevertheless, the Angry Birds twitter account appears to be having fun amidst the mockery.

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This is the first year Premier League teams have been able slap corporate sponsorship on their sleeves. Soon I'm sure they'll start resembling logo-splattered racing cars.

Nevertheless, Liverpool has a tasteful - as tasteful as sponsorship can be - Western Union logo in keeping with the gold club crest; Chelsea has Alliance Tyres squiggled in small white lettering across the upper arm; and Man City has Nexen Tire, again, in smallish type.

This isn't the first time a football team has had a video game-related sponsor on the shirt, of course. Arsenal flaunted Sega and Dreamcast back in 2000, Chelsea had Amiga back in '93/'94, and Watford made Sports Interactive manager Miles Jacobson's dreams come true by brandishing Football Manager.

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