Horizon DLC The Frozen Wilds gets a release date

Aloy Aloy.

By Robert Purchese. Published 7 August 2017

Sony has announced a 7th November release date for Horizon Zero Dawn add-on The Frozen Wilds. It costs £16.

The Frozen Wilds brings a whole new story set in a whole new zone in the frozen and mountainous north. There will be new machines to fight and new mysteries to uncover.

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The Frozen Wilds was unveiled in a trailer at E3 earlier this summer. In it, Aloy announces she's off to discover the mysteries of The Mountain, but is told if she wants to, she'll have to face the beast that guards it. Could it be the Metal Devil we've heard about?

Horizon received a big update recently adding a New Game+ mode and an Ultra Hard difficulty.

Horizon came out in March and was a success for Sony and PlayStation 4, selling very strongly. It being a stunning graphical showcase - the PS4 Pro's best 4K game, according to Digital Foundry - no doubt helped.

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Incidentally, we have a Horizon Zero Dawn guide if you're after any help.

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