The Eurogamer Podcast #17 - What's the story with that dog in the Nintendo Switch trailer?

"Try to have a good time!"

By Christian Donlan. Published 25 October 2016

Hello! It is so lovely to be back with another podcast! Today Chris Bratt and I actually discuss some video game news. Well, a little bit at least. We have a lovely chat about Nintendo's new console, the Switch, which allows you to leave the house with it and play on a rooftop somewhere. We also pick over the best means of rooftop-to-rooftop communication, and explore why you should absolutely never play VR standing on top of your house.

What else? Civ 6 is a nice game, isn't it? We've both been playing it and trying to get a sense of where the series has now taken us. I've also been playing a strange and creepy game called Hello Neighbor, which encourages you to play cat and mouse - mainly mouse, if you're me - with an AI.

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Finally, we try to answer some reader questions, one of which goes rather badly. See you next week?

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