Fallout 4's final add-on Nuka World is out now and here are its opening moments

Cap off the story.

By Ian Higton. Published 30 August 2016

Fallout 4's final add-on Nuka World is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Set in a decaying amusement park that's now full of Raiders, Ghouls and a bunch of rides that'll almost certainly fail any health and safety checks, Nuka World is the most imaginative add-on for Fallout 4 so far.

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The DLC will set you back £14.99, unless you've already spent your caps on Fallout 4's season pass. If that's case it'll be waiting patiently for you to download it from the relevant online store.

If you want to know how to get straight into Nuka World without queueing, check out the video above where I give a short walkthrough on how to get started.

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